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G3X Rapid Glass Install Kits

Why Glass?


Enhanced situational awareness: Make information clearer and easier to understand, helping pilots make decisions faster. Increased safety and reliability with multiple redundancies. Integrated flight management systems (FMS) and terrain awareness and warning systems (TAWS), which give real-time information, warnings, and alerts. Efficiency and automation: Increased efficiency and reduced workload by automating manual tasks. Features like autopilot, autothrottle, and advanced navigation systems enhance efficiency and let pilots focus on important decisions and overall flight management.


G3X RGI Install Kit

$27,995.00 Base kit price
$42,595.00 Installed


The G3X is the best choice for affordable and functional glass cockpits on the market.

What's Included:

1. Left Hand Switch Panel. 

 2. Right Hand Switch Panel.  

10. Co-pilot's Instrument Panel 

3. Harnesses with Mil. Spec. Cannon Plugs.    

11. Glareshield 

4. Installation Manual. 

5. Engine Harness

6. G3X Screen 10.6" + Garmin G5 EFI 

7. GEA 24 (Engine Interface Unit)

8. Engine Sensors Kit

9. Pilot's Instrument Panel

G3X IFR Avionics Package

$74,555 Installed

The G3X coupled with these powerful instruments will allow you to fly year-round in any weather.

Whats Included:

10.6" Garmin G3X 

GMA35c Remote Bluetooth Audio Panel with Pre-built C182 mic. tel. harness for two crew and 2 passengers 

GTN750Xi GPS/Nav/Comm

GTX345 ADSB Transponder (In and Out) 

GTN650Xi GPS/Nav/Comm

iPad Mount

Radio Rack Pre-wired

GFC500 3Servo Autopilot

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